Strolls in the Valley of Attert and the neighborhood

Numerous waymarked walks, criss-crossingthe Valley Attert,provide a good way to discover the local heritage and the diverse landscape of the villages and hamlets of our beautiful country. SI of Attert offers several tours, themed around:

  • Tontelange - via two frameworks of waymarked routes (green diamond on white background) you will discover Tontelange and its surroundings in a unique way

  • Lottert and his small inheritance - This partially marked trail (green diamond on a white background) you will allow you to discover the villages Lottert, Tattert, and Thiaumont

  • The border circuit (blue flag on white background) from Tontelange takes you on a 10 km journey to Oberpallen and Guirsch

  • The walk from Nothomb (blue rectangle on white background) takes you to Parette


Geocaching is a pastime of fun and adventure.
A treasure hunt with GPS
Materials needed: 1 computer and1 GPS. (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM)
Numerous caches exist in our region, 3 were introduced by the SI Attert.
To access the puzzles, visit the links below
Open a Geocaching account (it’s free)
Discover treasures...Remember to take something to exchange with items left in the geocache by others!

  • Visit an old church more...

  • Discover beautiful Landscapes around the valley more...

  • 700 years of historical viewing more...


Paintball can be played by everyone, men and women, young and old.For all occasions we can find a solution adapted to your needs. Whether for a staff party, a friendly tour, a sports day or a family party, use our skills!

For original fans of activities, full of adventures and suspense, the Paintball fauvillers invites you to an unforgettable day to discover or rediscover this activity.

Contact : Olivier Rigot

Rue Traquebois Fauvillers 6637 Belgique

Phone number: +32 494 79 53 50



Rue des Potiers, 30
6717 Attert
Tél. : +32(0)63 37 07 47

Les Plats Canailles de la Bleue Maison

Rue du Pont d’Oye 6-7
6720 Habay-la-Neuve
Tél. : +32(0)63 42 42 70
Brasserie Qienboi

Route de Habay, 68
6717 Heinstert
Tél. : +32(0)476 37 66 58
L'Enfant Gâté

Rue de Luxembourg, 13
6720 Habay-La-Neuve
Tél. : +32(0)63 40 05 55